Terms of replacement or refund

Please read the terms and conditions of a replacement product carefully before purchase.

We reserve the right not to be returned under any circumstances whatsoever. And will change the order in two cases only.

  1. Product that is not listed in the order (one or all which are wrong)
  2. In case of shoes, size can be change up or down only 1 size but you will not be able to change color or model. We have proved the product before delivery. Please check the product immediately whenever delivered. Products which are sent by mistake, please inform us with in 3 days from delivery date (belows are the step to claim) if customer does not inform us in time we would like to reserved our rights not to allow the claim.


*For changing or returning products in case the product is not in the order list, we will pay you for EMS post to send back to us and will deliver the new one back to you without charges.

*For changing or returning product in case of changing the size of the shoes, customers are in charge of paying for EMS post for both sending back to us and for delivery back the new one.

(Promotional products are not allowed to change/return)

How to change or return an item

To change or return an item, youmust contact us, SHU, within 3 days from the date of delivery (Date on parcel post) by sending us and e-mail (sales@SHU.GLOBAL) with details as belows

  • Order Number
  • Item Number / Item Code
  • A photo of the item which you want to change or return
  • Your reasons to change or return ie. SHU send wrong item or want to change the size of the shoes

When we receive your e-mail, we will contact you to confirm about the item that can be changed or returned. You then deliver the item back to us after confirmation. Using EMS post is the only way we accept and you have to deliver within 3 days from the confirmation date. You also have to pay for the EMS post first and we will pay you back by case. When you deliver the item, please send the receipt (with EMS code) to sales@SHU.GLOBAL and we will change the item after we get the item.

Note: we reserve the right not to change or return the item that meet the following conditions

  • Customers who do not inform us within 3 days after receive the item (The date on the parcel)
  • Customers who do not deliver the item back within 3 days after our confirmation
  • Item is sent back without our confirmation
  • Item is used (even once)
  • Item is not in its original condition (Item’s tag removal or destroy)
  • Item is modified by customer
  • Item is defective or damaged by customer
  • Shape of the item is changed.